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Deliverables published by SESAR 1 and SESAR 2020 projects were sourced as an input to the research mapping task. Whilst our phase 1 data coverage of all potentially available deliverables is not complete, all the main industrial and exploratory research Calls, such as WP-E, ER1-ER3, IR demonstrations, IR RPAS and IR Wave 1 are represented. These have been supplemented with papers from SESAR Innovation Days conferences (2011-2019) and material from the previous ComplexWorld network. Supporting metadata have also been prepared by the Engage team. This is still work in progress and provides a high-level summary of each project. For each project, click on the node to see key information (where available), including the: Call (e.g. "IR Wave 1"), project partners, theme (e.g. "4D trajectory management"), budget, duration, deliverable(s), project keywords, and URL). WBS is the 'Work Breakdown Structure' reference - a unique identifier for activities within the SESAR Programme, from Exploratory Research through to Very Large Scale Demonstrations. By the end of our phase 1 data collection, almost 1500 deliverables have been sourced.

The mapping itself employs a bottom-up approach for knowledge mining and classifying these SESAR research project sources. By gathering information in the form of keywords from project documentation and subsequently applying clustering algorithms, we constructed an overview, as a tree, of the projects and their interconnections. The mapping process is based on several key steps. First, the pre-processing step converted pdf and doc files to raw text format. Then, natural language processing (NLP) was applied to extract keywords and frequencies from each project. A customised, unsupervised machine learning algorithm was next applied to generate project clusters based on their similarities. Finally, we created the online research map visualisation tool you now see. This allows the user to explore the research map interactively. The tool also allows users to filter projects by specific terms.

In 2021, our phase 2 data sourcing will analyse the remaining public deliverables, primarily produced by SESAR 2020 projects funded through the recent ER4 and IR Waves 2-3 Calls. The missing metadata from older SESAR 1 projects will also be completed (as far as possible), for instance, 70% of these older projects have yet to be populated with the names of consortium partners. Papers from the 2020 SESAR Innovation Days conference, and potentially other relevant conferences, will also be added. After this, the clusters may well be adapted.

We continue to add features suggested by our use case survey, and welcome your feedback. Click here to get involved. This mapping also feeds the ATM concepts roadmap.

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783287.