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The ATM concepts roadmap shows how previous (SESAR) research connects with the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda roadmaps (described in the 2020 SRIA). This mapping has been built on the work of the Engage research map. Pre-processed project information, as an output from the Engage research map, as well as textual descriptions of the nine SRIA roadmaps ('flagship activities'), were used to create a word-embedding model through natural language processing (NLP) techniques, in order to capture semantic and syntactic similarities. The word-embedding model was used to perform a document semantic similarity analysis, instead of a more traditional lexical similarity analysis. As a result, a semantic similarity index was obtained for each of the projects in our database with respect to the descriptions of the nine SRIA flagship activities. The projects were then tagged with the SRIA flagship activity with the highest similarity index. In the ATM concepts roadmap the x-axis flow represents the (partly figurative) timeline progression of projects and concepts. The size of the nodes and links in the visualisation are directly proportional to the number of projects encompassed. The visualisation is interactive. When hovering over the different nodes and links, a tooltip will appear with some basic information. When further clicking on a link, a table appears below the visualisation with more detailed information of the projects in the selected link.

There are four stages in the flow corresponding to the timeline. "SESAR Calls" represents the funded SESAR programmes and their project start dates. "2020 Engage mapping" corresponds to the NLP, unsupervised clustering performed for the Engage research map and helps to visualise how the different SESAR programmes feed into the identified research clusters. "SRIA flagship activities" is related to the semantic similarity analysis mentioned above and shows the flow of the projects from the identified research clusters and their similarity with the nine innovation roadmaps. The last stage, "2040 challenges", is the future concepts area of the roadmap. These are currently temporary challenges, as examples of topics addressed in less detail in the comprehensive 2020 SRIA. They therefore currently reflect impact areas that are outside typical ATM research. These challenges will be updated and further populated through continued research in 2021, drawing on outputs from Engage, more widely in SESAR and beyond ATM, through wiki user inputs, and including interdisciplinary concepts. As expected, these '2040' challenges overlap to some extent, and variously relate to the SRIA activities (although the links shown in the figure are currently illustrative only).

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This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783287.