Disclaimer: Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes

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The list of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes featured in the wiki was generated as part of the Engage KTN project. The objective of this list was to create a centralised knowledge hub and repository of European university programmes. This is part of the objective of Engage: providing a first building block for the establishment of a comprehensive European programme aimed at educating and training future ATM professionals. The list was created from information collected by Engage consortium members with a primary focus of testing its functionality as a wiki rather than to be a complete list. Only programmes that offer ATM-related courses or postgraduate research opportunities from institutions in the ECAC area were included. The current list in the wiki includes a total of 61 Master’s programmes related to air traffic management, air transport or related topics.

In relation to the list of undergraduate programmes, a total of 162 aviation-related programmes, also from institutions in the ECAC area, was initially compiled. This list was later reduced to contain only those programmes that offered introductory courses related to ATM, airport or airlines (air transport engineering and aviation management). The current list found in the wiki includes a total of 51 undergraduate programmes, which satisfy the previously mentioned conditions. There is work still to be done and the team responsible for EngageWiki is constantly adding/modifying programmes in order to get as complete, accurate and up-to-date a list as possible. We are in contact with institutions already present in the wiki and with institutions known to Engage partners that offer ATM-related courses or postgraduate degrees. We are also trying to establish specific contact points that will be invited to add, validate and update the information of the programmes in the wiki.

You can help us by adding any relevant undergraduate (in air transport engineering and aviation management) or postgraduate (having ATM research) programme not included. Request an account first to be able to edit the list or, if you already have one, add a programme here.

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783287.