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Welcome to the ComplexWorld Network's wiki. ComplexWorld (SESAR-WPE) is bringing together the world’s leading experts in the field of Air Traffic Complexity Management from academia, research establishments, industry and SMEs. The ComplexWorld Network aims to be the main driver for long term and innovative research in Europe in the field. To this end we invite you to contribute to this wiki project which aims to collect Complexity Science and Data Science contributions to ATM and Aviation.

Initially at least, the wiki was structured around the Network's Position Paper, with a set of articles to which Network members can directly contribute to or comment on to make suggestions or ask questions. On some wiki's, new articles can be created without restriction. For the initial stage of this wiki, you'll need to request permission to create a new article page, but, once you have your user account set up (click on 'Create an account' in the top right-hand corner to request one), you can edit or comment on any of the existing articles without asking for permission first.

Getting Started in ComplexWorld Wiki

If you're not familiar with contributing to a wiki, we suggest you download this excellent free guide from O'Reilly Media. A quick read through the the second chapter should be enough to get you started and making contributions to the ComplexWorld Network's wiki.

In the meantime, request an account via the top right hand corner of this page. You'll need this to edit or add content.

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Following is a complete list of all of the ComplexWorld wiki's articles. We welcome your input in the ComplexWorld WIKI - you can edit or comment on any of these pages:

ComplexWorld Position Paper
Research programmes and projects (SESAR WP-E, SESAR ER, FP7, H2020 or others)
PhD programmes
ComplexWorld events, workshops, tutorials, satellite events and activities

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Download this excellent free guide from O'Reilly Media which gives clear, concise instructions on how to perform the most basic to more advanced functions.

Watch this introductory training video to help get you started navigating your way through the wiki.

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Featured Project

We'll be featuring news from a ComplexWorld project here. If you have some interesting news to share about your project please get in touch.

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783287.